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About us

Nari Care is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charitable non-profit organization, primarily focusing on awareness of breast cancer in women of Indian origin and other minority communities.  

I am a woman of Indian origin, I was raised and educated in India. Enjoyed being with family and friends, loved the joint family dinners, hindi movies, attending crowded weddings, running to catch a crowded bus or train to make it on time to college, etc etc. Health problems such as high blood pressure, or diabetes were discussed openly within the family. Rarely were any women related issues discussed, not even in a group of women. Our family has lost women, both within the family and friends of family to breast cancer, but it was never discussed as a topic, it was always a taboo or bad luck. Never did anyone ask as to what can be done to take care of it in advance.  There is inadequate awareness of breast cancer, in women and in men. The general practitioner (GP) or  family physician will hesitate to ask a question related to breast health for fear of raising a brow. So why should this be a taboo question, why should women not be aware of the fact that, breast exam by oneself, by a doctor and with mammography is important for a woman’s health at regular intervals. Now based in the US and having been educated about the same, I intensely feel the need to share what I can with other women. Gathering a few friends with similar goals we set out on our journey to save lives and make a difference.
Nari Care aims at educating women and men about breast cancer. Educating health care workers to convey the message of early detection and less invasive treatment options. Helping the women diagnosed with this disease both financially and emotionally. 
We pray for a perfect world , but there will always be imperfections around us and in us, so lets live with it and embrace it for what we have today and for years to come. Nari Care welcomes all in this fight to save lives.

Founder:  Surekha Joshi MD
 Board Members:
 Vandana Dialani MD Radiologist , BIDMC, Boston MA, USA
 Gunjan Gupta  MD Pathologist , Regional Medical Center, Memphis, TN , USA
 Surekha Joshi  MD Radiologist MRPC/Methodist Hospital , Memphis ,TN, USA
 Advisory Board:
 Kirti Kulkarni MD, Radiologist, University of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago ,IL,USA
 Syed Shehzad Azmi MD, Medical Oncologist Hematologist, University of Tn Cancer Institute, TN USA
 Aman Khivesara Daftary MD  Radiologist, Mumbai, India
 Ruchin Kansal, MBA
 Sumeet Shah M.S, D.N.B General surgery, Surgical Oncology (Tata Memorial Center)

 Treasurer :
 Anurag Pathak, B Tech Computer Science , Memphis, TN
 Vanashree Deo, Memphis , TN
 Matt King:
 Financial Consultant, Memphis TN